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Strategy Implementation

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Dear Entrepreneur or Small Business Owner

Whether you’re looking to bring in new website visitors, grow online sales, or get the phones ringing STRATEGIK can help. Let us help you grow your business with an effective digital marketing strategy that’s customized to your unique goals and business needs.

Many businesses waste their time & money online doing things that don't work and that they can't measure. We provide digital marketing strategies and solutions that generate more leads & customers in less time & for less money! We’ve worked with hundreds of successful small businesses and billion dollar brands to develop a scalable local marketing strategy that works.

Our digital marketing strategy implementation will help you to implement a successful digital marketing strategy for your business. Some of the activities we don during the implementation are:

1. We plan your online strategy
2. We register your domain name
3. We build your company website
4. We set up your branded email addresses
5. We optimize your website for SEO
6. We optimize your website for mobile
7. We select the most appropriate social channels for your business
8. We register and list your business with the most important online directories
9. We setup your business blog
10. We publish content and provide value
11. We use social media channels to promote your content
12. We amplify your content and build links
13. We increase your search rankings with SEO
14. We generate high-quality traffic
15. We help you to convert visitors into leads
16. We measure your digital marketing strategy performance during the first month with different web analytics.