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Dear Entrepreneur or Small Business Owner

Whether you’re looking to bring in new website visitors, grow online sales, or get the phones ringing STRATEGIK can help. Let us help you grow your business with an effective digital marketing strategy that’s customized to your unique goals and business needs.

Many businesses waste their time & money online doing things that don't work and that they can't measure. We provide digital marketing strategies and solutions that generate more leads & customers in less time & for less money! We’ve worked with hundreds of successful small businesses and billion dollar brands to develop a scalable local marketing strategy that works.

Are You a Small Business Owner Looking for More Customers?

Your success as a small business owner depends on keeping your sales funnel full. The more ideal prospective customers we can attract to your business at the top of the funnel, the more actual sales you’ll make at the bottom. We focus on the core tactical services that drive traffic and leads to your website then convert those prospects into customers and calls once they get there.

You Need A Powerful Digital Marketing System To Grow Your Business.

Strategy + System - Take your marketing to the next level. We'll help you develop a Digital Marketing Strategy and implement a Digital Marketing System to grow your business.

Our digital marketing consulting service have been designed to help you create a comprehensive digital marketing strategy and plan that covers all the areas to make the best use of the opportunities available online.


We focus our digital marketing consulting on the RACE planning approach: (REACH, ACT, CONVERT, ENGAGE.)

Plan. Involves reviewing past performance, setting objectives and defining a digital marketing strategy to hit your targets.

Reach. Involves telling the world about your business, so that’s driving visits to your site through inbound marketing techniques like search and social media marketing.

Act. Is encouraging your new audience to Act which is short for encouraging interactions with your company online. The aim is to convert visitors to leads by making sure that people don’t just visit your website and click away, never to return.

Convert. Is persuading potential new customers to do business with you. It's getting your audience to take that vital next step which turns them into paying customers whether the payment is taken through e commerce online, or offline.

Engage. Is long-term engagement, that is developing a long-term relationship with customers to build customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

Interested in developing an effective digital marketing strategy for your business? Contact us and learn more about how an effective digital marketing strategy can help your business get more customers, sell more and grow more.