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Ninety-one percent of consumers use the internet to search for local goods and services. So make sure customers can easily fnd your business in their search results by optimizing your website for search engines.

Here are some basic tips that you can use to get started:

Use keywords in your website content:

Search engines look for the best match to what online consumers look for, referred to as keywords. Your web content should contain lots of the keywords relevant to your business. Speak in the language of your customers; put yourself in their shoes and imagine the keywords they might use. A keyword research tool like Google AdWords or WordTracker will give you insight into keyword frequency (the more the better) and give you ideas for keywords you hadn’t considered.

Update your content on a regular basis:

Search engines consider new content to be more relevant. The older your content gets, the less the search engines will favor it, and the less it will help you rank on search engine results pages. Create a schedule for updating or adding new content. The more you update, the more search engines will visit your website, creating a positive effect on your rankings.

Share and promote your web address:

Search engines place a high value on links from other sites to your website, as if that site is “voting” for you. Known as backlinking, this is considered to be a reflection of your “authority.” Look for opportunities to link from legitimate websites, social media posts or other credible resources like small business agencies, local directories or reputable directories in your line of business. These links will also help drive traffc to your website as well.

We have developed a 5-step system that produces an effective and long-lasting search engine rankings result.

Technically optimized site with good web coding.
Relevant keyword phrases appear appropriately.
Audience connection to increase time spent on site.
Partner with other websites to link to your site.
Sharing web pages through social channels and blogs.

Our SEO system includes the five elements above because the main goal of SEO is ultimately to get Google to rank your site which drives people to your site where you can speak to them. Our Strategy not only will grow your organic rankings but also produce more and better conversions from the people you attract.

Interested in developing an effective SEO strategy for your business? Contact us and learn more about how an effective website can help your business get more customers, sell more and grow more.